Fire, Flour & Fork

There’s never been a better time to be a serious eater in Richmond, Virginia. The city's food scene is putting off an energy that’s palpable, and it’s hard not to be totally pumped about it.  

So it’s no surprise that Richmond’s newest food event – Fire, Flour & Fork – is creating quite the buzz. It’s four days of special dinners, seminars, and cooking demonstrations that runs from October 30 - November 2. 

Not only are Richmond’s best chefs involved, but the event has attracted the likes of Sean Brock  from Season 2 - Mind of a Chef and Christina Tosi, the chef/owner of the acclaimed Momofuku Milk Bar.

Fire, Flour & Fork celebrates culinary innovation and a city’s pride in its unique foodways. It’s just one more accomplishment Richmond can add to its growing resume, which already includes happiest and most romantic city, and home of one of the best donuts shops in the country. 

$70 gets you into four events that are organized into the categories Fire, Flour, and Fork. Here are the sessions I plan on attending.

For the 10am session, I chose the FIRE option - Pope of Peppers.

If you are the type of person that orders Thai spicy and is bummed when the cooks thought you were too “American” to handle it, then this session is for you. It’s all about the hurt that releases those feel-good endorphins that fight the burning in your mouth. Dave DeWitt will talk about his book, Pope of Peppers, and will give his expert insight into the world of spice! 

This session includes samples and a book signing.

The FLOUR option, DamGoodSweets, was calling my name for the 11:15am session.

I’d like to say I visit a city for its history, architecture, and beautiful sights, but the truth is I only care about its food. And when it comes to food, New Orleans has the most unique and exciting regional cuisine in the county...but sadly I’ve never been. Hopefully this session will be the catalyst to finally getting my butt to the French Quarter. David Guas, the chef/owner of Bayou Bakery and host of show “American Grilled,” will be cooking some of his best dishes. 

This session includes a demo and book signing.

Again, I chose FLOUR for the 2pm session – Getting Gnudi.

For what seems like forever, Richmonders have been talking about Top Chef’s Mike Isabella and the highly anticipated opening of his restaurant Graffiato. After all that hype, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see Chef Mike in the flesh and blood. After being through the ringer on Top Chef Masters, I’m sure he’ll be right at home in the demo kitchen.

This session includes a demo and book signing.

I’m going to finish off my day with a FORK session at 3:30 – Forks at the Ready.

This lecture is all about tableware, which may sound like a snooze-fest, but I’ve always been fascinated with the formalities of dining: Which fork goes with what course? Why is a caviar spoon made of opal? Why is a Bordeaux wine glass shaped differently than a Chardonnay glass? Although I'll admit that the endless variety of dining accoutrement seems frivolous, I can’t help but be 100% into it! I want the fancy oyster plate and that opal caviar spoon.