Richmond, Virginia's Best Restaurant Bathrooms


A good bathroom is the cherry on top of any dining experience, and a bad one can make you question a restaurant's integrity. It’s the room relegated to the back of the restaurant and usually isn't given a second thought when eating out.

But it’s a place you become intimately acquainted with when your 3rd cocktail finally breaks the seal or that bit-too-greasy appetizer hits your stomach the wrong way. That's when you truly appreciate a clean, comfortable, and well-equipped bathroom. 

A good bathroom indicates a restaurant's attention to detail and instills confidence that the other unseen areas (e.g. the kitchen) are clean and organized. I secretly take pleasure in checking out the bathroom of every place I eat. Here are a few of my favorite restaurant bathrooms in Richmond.   


Blue Goat

5710 Grove Ave, Richmond, VA 23226

This is a stylish bathroom with an exposed brick wall and warm mood lighting. It has a toilet with a high tank and drawstring, a sleek porcelain vessel sink, and a tilted mirror. I was impressed with its cleanliness and the savvy mixture of textural elements - brick, tile, wood, and porcelain. This is my favorite bathroom in the city.


Can Can Brasserie

3120 W Cary St, Richmond, VA 23221

Can Can is a popular French bistro that has a beautiful dining room, and the bathroom is no less stunning. Its white tiles gives the room a bright, casual feel, where the handsome sink fixtures, elegant gold and blue wallpaper, and fresh flowers denote luxury. The toilet tanks are set up high above the seats, giving the bathroom a European feel.   

Mellow Mushroom

 3012 W Cary St, Richmond, VA 23221

Mellow mushroom is a quirky pizzeria located in the heart of Carytown. Although it's a chain with locations all over the southeast, each one is customized to fit into its neighborhood. The bathroom may not be the most unique, but it's impressively clean, modern, and spacious. I awarded extra points for the cool 3D sign (first picture of the post) with neon lights that conveniently points to the bathroom.   

Urban Farmhouse

1217 E Cary St, Richmond, VA 23219

Urban Farmhouse's bathroom has a youthful feel with its multicolored tiles and hipster, birdcage wallpaper. It has super high ceilings and a large arched window with wooden shudders that lets in tons of natural light. You can enjoy watching the branches of trees sway in the wind while you're sitting on the toilet - alway a plus.   


23 W Marshall St, Richmond, VA 23220

There is no other way to describe Saison's bathroom other than really fun! It sports a vintage pink sink, an avocado green toilet, and chalkboard walls. The floor is entirely covered with the art of Paul Cézanne (pronounced the same as Saison) - a play on words that escapes most diners. But Chef Adam Hall said the occasional art student will make the connection.