Best Cookies at Trader Joe's

I have an obsession with Trader Joe’s that seems to grow with each visit. I peruse their “Fearless Flyer” (an ad of featured products) with the same seriousness that I read Food and Wine. It’s my mission to try every product they offer, and I’ve recently turned my attention to their cookies - so much so, that I had a Trader Joe’s cookie tasting party for my birthday.  

I enlisted each guest to contribute a box or two of cookies, and asked them to pass judgment on the spread of sugary, carb-loaded deliciousness laid out before them. We ate, deliberated, and came to a group consensus on our favorites.

Dark Chocolate Almond Lacey’s Cookies

The taste testers (aka party guests) universally loved this cookie, and it was the favorite by leaps and bounds. There’s something irresistible about this unique confection, made entirely of almonds, crispy caramel, and dark chocolate. It crumbles like a good brittle when you bite into its buttery, nutty exterior, which is smoothed out by silky dark chocolate. It’s impossible not to love, and I frequently gift them to those who are not fortunate enough to have a local Trader Joe’s. (NOTE: don’t be fooled by the milk chocolate macadamia version - it’s strangely chewing and not as good)

Triple Ginger Cookie Thins

I’m a ginger fanatic and a fan of the traditional Triple Ginger Snap Cookies. But this thin version delivers the same potent flavor in a more delicate cookie. It’s fragile and pleasantly shatters when you eat it, effortlessly delivering a ginger kick that even the most serious ginger lovers would appreciate. I also like that you can eat 10 of them without feeling like you’ve gorged yourself into a cookie coma.


To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from these little guys, since they looked like your run of the mill crunchy (dry) cookie. Boy did a I learn a don’t-judge-a-book-by-its-cover lesson! The texture of this small butter cookie is fantastic; it isn’t simply crumbly, like a regular shortbread cookie, but has a slight toffee-like crunch. They are studded with a killer combination of pistachios and white chocolate.

Almond Windmill Cookies

Again I didn’t have high expatiations of these, because they reminded me of the stale Christmas cookies my grandma gave me as a kid. Maybe they were good then but my palate wasn’t sophisticated enough, or maybe Trader Joe’s has just improved on a classic. Either way these cookies are the bomb. They have the buttery crumble of good shortbread but are enhanced with intense almond flavor, slivered almonds, and a crunchy sprinkle of coarse sugar. The cute windmill shape also helps make these feel special.  

So as cookie season shifts into high gear, you’ll have these delicious Trader Joe’s cookies in your arsenal. And if you disagree with the not-so-scientific results of this post, you should gather your friends and family and have a cookie tasting party of your own. I guarantee you’ll have a great time.